Published as a supplement to Building journal

best replica designer bags Gillespie and Co, of that city.The area has been neatly laid out and prettily designed bungalows are being built thereon the Garden Village at Goulburn is developing rapidly” (Canowindra Star and Eugowra News, Friday, March 1, 1918, p2 ‘Goulburn Garden City’).BEST LAID PLANS: Proposed ‘Buffalo City’ development commissioned by Gillespie Co in 1917. Published as a supplement to Building journal, 12 December 1917.During the First World War, Gillespie’s produced leather to manufacture 50,000 pairs of boots for the Australian military forces.In 1921 it was reported that “Buffalo City is a busy little suburb of Goulburn. At the tannery a large number of hands are employed in treating raw hides for use in Gillespie’s boot factory. best replica designer bags

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